ORIAMI Fabric Metals - Wire Mesh Oriami Toto Bag


Size S
30.0×15.0×10.0cm (100g)
Size M
37.0×22.0×13.0 (150g)
Size L

important point

The metal textile folding paper "ORIAMI" is made of metal. Please read carefully the following important safety instructions and treat ORIAMI with extreme caution.

  • The metal textile folding paper "ORIAMI" has a sharper portion than a paper made folding. So, be careful not to cut or injure your finger/hand at the edge of the ORIAMI.
  • Never touch a person with proreuding part of a finished goods or play a dangerouse game by using it.
  • ORIAMI is not a toy. Do not use it for other applications than Origami folding.
  • ORIAMI is designed for children of 10 years old and upward. Please refrain from using under 10 years old children.
  • Do not put ORIAMI or its bag in your mouth, because doing so may cause ingestion accident or damage. Please pay special attention to young children.
  • Do not bring ORIAMI closer to fire, because doing so may generate heat.
  • ORIAMI is woven goods. So lines may come apart. Do not pull out the come-out part by hand but cut it with scissors.
  • Special attention is paid for a person suffering from metallic allergy.
  • We recommend that a person having sensitive skin should wear gloves.
  • Holding in a case is recommendable for color change or dirt.
  • Applying surface protection splay is advisable for color change or dirt.