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2022.03.09 We exhibited at "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Market TOKYO 2022".
We exhibited at "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Market TOKYO 2022", which was held at Tokyo Big Sight from January 26th (Wed.) to January 27th (Thur.), 2022. 

Despite the event being held at the same time as the online exhibition, a total of 7,751 attendees came to visit us. Thank you very much. 

The theme of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Market TOKYO 2022 was "After COVID". As the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, there is a need to search for new solutions to tackling daily life. 

At ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING Co.,Ltd., we exhibited the world's first Wire Mesh Origami [Fabric Metals ORIAMI]®. The pure copper used in Oriami is expected to have antibacterial and antiviral properties, and it attracted attention from attendees as a material to make antibacterial goods. 

ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING Co.,Ltd. is currently developing a mask that protects its wearer from viruses by inserting the same pure copper material used in "ORIAMI" into it. We exhibited a prototype at this event, which received a lot of interest. 

We received many inquiries, and it was a very fruitful exhibition. Thank you very much to everyone who came to visit us!