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2020.07.22 [Case Study] Tokyo Midtown Perforart
Ishikawa Wire Mesh's design punching panel "Perforart" has been adopted as a decorative wall for the main entrance of Amgen Corporation. 

Amgen Co., Ltd.'s main entrance in Tokyo Midtown Tower is a stylish white space. 

The design punching panel "Perforart" was constructed using this whole wall (left hand facing the photo). 
Perforart features artistic designs that take advantage of the modern and heavy texture of punched metal. 

The original software "Punch Editor" produces realistic expressions that were impossible with conventional punched metal. 

Based on the picture of the landscape received from the customer, we used punching specifications allowing for a finish closer to the magnificent nature expressed in the original picture. 
We were able to create a wonderful final product because we  produced multiple prototypes while exchanging opinions with the customer. 

■ Case information
Place: Tokyo Midtown Tower
Construction Date: March 2020 
Aluminum design punching 6φ x 9P, white paint
Plane: 1048.4 (width) x 3080 (height), 2 sheets
Curved surface: 806.6 (width) x 3080 (height), 3 sheets

Client: Astellas Pharma Inc.
Design: SL&A Japan Co. Ltd.
Construction: Takenaka Corporation