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2020.05.18 The folding instructions for Oriami's pure copper antimicrobial copper mask are open to the public!
The other day, we introduced the Wire Mesh Origami [Fabric Metals ORIAMI]® pure copper handmade mask. 

>> Will you make Oriami's antimicrobial copper mask to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

Because we received such a big response, this time we will show you how to fold the mask. Please use it as a reference.
※ When making the mask, please use Oriami's "pure copper."

Oriami can be purchased from YAHOO! Shopping.
The link to its page is here >> Oriami Copper (Pure Copper) 15cm x 15cm

How to Make the Mask

First, open the folding diagram in your browser and print it, then lay Oriami's pure copper over it.
>> You can open the mask folding chart here.

(1) Fold the top down 5 mm. Use a ruler to help fold inwards following the diagram.

(2) Following the diagram, do a valley fold.

(3) Valley fold all the way down.

(4) Completed horizontal valley folds.

(5) Now do the vertical valley fold.

(6) Turn it over.

(7) Following the chart, do the diagonal valley folds.

(8) Do the same on the other side.

(9) Do (7) and (8) all the way down.

(10) Aligning all the folds, fold together all the way down.

(11) Fold in all three places from (10)

(12) Fold in the other side as well.

(13) Use a hole puncher to make holes in the folded parts and the upper area. 

 (14) Make holes in four places in total

(15) Stick the elastic through the top hole and tie it, then stick the other end through the bottom hole and tie it. Do the same to the other side.

(16) Completed.

Since it's easy to make, please try it for yourself.