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2020.04.10 Ishikawa Wire Netting Co.,Ltd has been introduced in the March 9th issue of Genki dasbiz, the corporate information magazine of Nippon Life Insurance.
Ishikawa Wire Netting Co.,Ltd was introduced in the March 9th issue of Genki dasbiz in the "Glimmering Companies" section.

Genki dasbiz is the corporate information magazine published by Nippon Life Insurance Company. Inside, Ishikawa Wire Netting Co.,Ltd is introduced in the "Glimmering Companies" section.

Our company was introduced by Professor Satoshi Yamamoto of Toyo University's Faculty of Business.

Starting with the introduction of the company as a wire mesh manufacturer, it goes on to cover the unknown story of the development of our Wire Mesh Origami [Fabric Metals ORIAMI]®

It also features a photo of company president Mr Ishikawa, as well as an image of the Wire Mesh OrigamiĀ®. Click here for the article. >> HERE

The article is available on their website as well, but without the pictures. >> HERE

In addition to the "Glimmering Companies" section, the company is also discussed a lot in the Athlete's Column and the Expert Opinion Panel.

Please take a look.