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2019.05.08 We have received the “Industry Value Recognition,” the system which evaluates a company’s distinctive merits.
ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING Co.,Ltd has received the “Industry Value Recognition” from the  General Corporations Industry Value Association for the first half of 2019.

The Industry Value Recognition is the system by which a company’s distinctive values are assessed and recognized.

The Industry Value Association examines businesses by a variety of individuality criteria, such as “uniqueness of management practices,” “business model,” “revenue structure,” “management principles,” and “project concepts,” and recognizes companies which they judge to have “values which are strongly supported by customers and/or companies.”

ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING Co.,Ltd has once again received the “Industry Value Recognition” for the first half of 2019.

The company was recognized as a top niche company specializing in wire netting, which boasts the top inventory scale in Tokyo, as well as for its establishment of a system by which a large variety of goods are manufactured on a small scale.

Furthermore, the company was commended for its pursuit of new possibilities, as shown through its development of new products such as wire mesh origami, known as “Fabric Metals ORIAMI®,” as well as wire netting woven together with different materials, known as “KANAORI]®.”

This recognition will be the third annual renewal for the company. Recognized businesses are required to demonstrate steady progress and diligent study.

Rather than be content with this event, the company will continue to strive for even further progress. We ask for your continued support from here on out as well.