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ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING Co., Ltd. has worked hard to revitalize the wire netting industry always in the most advanced areas at those times like industrial wire netting and wire net for construction, and to contribute to the society for 94 years since the establishment of business. During pre-war period, we continued to study wire net while manufacturing parts for weapons as an arsenal, and after the war, we have developed various wire net products including automobile parts, electric machine parts, industrial filters and building products as well as its application technology as a peacetime industry. We will continue to devlop wire nets using our traditional hand looms, and challenge and solve various issues using ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING’s original technologies, such as "CAD/CAM software for perforated metal design" and "Wire netting structure analysis software" by an algorithm.

The society of mass consumption overflown with things is now at the crossroads. People are tired of living with computers and smartphones, and wish to obtain consolation to ease their spirit from handmade products. In the meantime, due to the expansion of the internet, creators can easily appeal their handmade products in the world. Recent hand-made boom reflects the social conditions of present day.

We made wire mesh Origami into a product and released for the first time in the world in November 2015. Wire mesh Origami ORIAMI is a metallic mesh using Fabric Metals, as soft as cloth and as flexible as paper.

In Japan, we have a word "Fueki Ryuko," which represents the principle of fluidity and immutability in haiku. The Chinese character "Eki" has several meanings like "unchangeable," "take turns" and "easy," and can be interpreted in various ways. There are various trends also in hand-made world. Origami which requires traditional techniques in Japan is "Fueki Ryuko," that is, a hand-made art passed down unchanged among other trends. In recent years, Origami is popular not only in Japan but also all over the world, and new ways of folding are invented. Techniques of Origami are not just a hobby, but are utilized for practical use, such as Miuraori used for satellites. Origami is demanded in many fields.

Wire mesh Origami ORIAMI transforms in the world of Origami. It affects the traditional Origami world of course, but also the world of "Craft work" and "Craft design." It is possible to create "flower accessory" using Origami techniques, "lighting" like a table lamp, "handicraft" by embroidery and sewing, and "accessory" like earrings and a corsage. Having infinite possibilities, ORIAMI is a wonderful product with potential to apply to many products in many fields as far as we can come up with an idea. Corresponding to the user’s preference changing every moment, a new version of ORIAMI is born. By increasing the products using ORIAMI, many people can touch and feel ORIAMI, and thus obtain a peace of mind. We sincerely wish that.

"United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development" was held in 2015. The leaders of more than 150 member countries participated and adopted "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: to change our world." From Japan, Prime Minister Abe made a speech, stating "They are ambitious goals appropriate to lead our actions to end poverty by 2030 and realize the sustainable world." We will tackle with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) positively, utilize ORIAMI to improve our corporate brand power, and seek for stabilization of society and market.

Yukio Ishikawa, December 20, 2016

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5-2-6 Arakawa Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan 〒116-0002
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January 31, 1949
30 million yen
Yukio Ishikawa / President

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