Mariko appreciates authentic Japanese culture, or simply WA culture in its native language, and strives to maintain and pass on the Origami tradition.

The finalized origami piece contain a quality that provides a sense of relief. From classical to the modern creative style, she enjoys creating free spirited origami objects while experimenting various types of materials. From objects with practicality or pieces with more stylized design, Mariko is taking on various challenges.



Certified Lecturer of Nippon Origami Association (NOA)
Certified Instructor of Japan Origami Academic Society
Interior Coordinator
ORIAMI ART CLUB Special advisor

Born: Kita-Kyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, JAPAN
School: Graduated from Kyushu Accounting Technical Institute
Current Residence: Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Main Activities

Presenting origami exhibitions, hosting origami workshops and mixer events across Japan
Establishing multiple origami clubs (e.g. Kagoshima Branch, Nippon Origami Association, 1996)
Lecturer of origami symposiums and conventions in Japan and overseas
Lecturer of origami at various education and welfare institutions, and workshops

Authored, “Braille book of Origami” at Osaka City School for the Blind, 1999
Creation of origami material for classes using Japanese Washi paper “With Sugamo Washi”, 2005
Research on Hassaku-hina dolls at Iki Island (For Girls Festvial ), 2007
(Regionally unique dolls made by folding paper, a tradition of Iki)
ORIART, Flower made of Washi paper (Trademark gazette5647942) 2014
Serial Publication: Mariko Miyamoto's Origami Children's Song Class
Missionary Magazine for Children's Songs, “Hun Hun” 2011


3D Origami of Flowers (published by Boutique-sha) 2012


Nagano Kohei Award, NOA Award, Origami Carnival Miniature Award,27th Hobby Grand Prize, Hobby Association of Japan


Japan Hobby Show, International Orchid Festival, Design Festa, Zen Exhibition-Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Hyper Japan Christmas Market(in UK), among others.


Product use Fabric metals KANAORI

Product use Fabric metals ORIAMI