Professor, University of Tsukuba


Professor Mitani's research includes computational origami design, or simply, origami designing with computer software.
Ever since a child, he was intrigued by paper-made handcrafts and computers, leading to his current research theme.

As an innovative researcher at Japan Science and Technology Agency, from 2006 to 2009, Professor Mitani pursued his computational origami studies.

The spherical and 3D origami is a new-concept-origami, involving three dimensionality and even curved surfaces. This innovative origami is made possible by computing the completed form and the folding process with a software, leaping afar from the conventional origami process. It requires a unique method called “curved folding”, so it may be difficult to apply at first, but once successful, it produces a magical three dimensional shape that makes you wonder how it can be made by one sheet of paper.

Source: Quoted from the introduction section of Jun Mitani's book



Dr. Mitani is a professor of Information and Systems, Dept. of Computer Science, at University of Tsukuba undertaking research related to computer graphics.
1975 Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
2004 PhD in Engineering, Tokyo University
2005 Researcher, Riken, Japan
2006 Faculty, Systems and Information Engineering, Tsukuba University
2015-Present: Professor at Tsukuba University
(2008-2017: Councilor, Japan Origami Academic Society)


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