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"ORIAMI meets Fabric Metals"

ORIAMI is world’s first metal wire-netting that can be folded. Made from a unique material called Fabric Metals*, a free-shaping wire netting that can be folded into anything by anyone. Oriami is brought to you by combining Japan’s proud tradition of Origami culture and ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING Company’s original technology.
*What is Fabric Metals?
Fabric Metal is a decorative metal netting which has been refined by ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING Co., Ltd. with the application of design onto conventional functions of industrial netting. This versatile material is used on metal products, lighting equipment, jewelry, stationary products, indoor goods, fabric products, clothes, body ornaments, interior decoration, toys, etc.

Origami: Conveying Japanese Tradition Today

The word Origami was born from combining two Japanese words, "folding" (oru) and "paper" (kami). (The pronunciation changes due to it grammatical law called sequential voicing thus "origami".) The act of shaping a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture is so deeply embedded into the Japanese cultural fabric that it is safe to say every Japanese has had experience with Origami. It has been passed down through long history while reflecting various aspects of Japanese culture.

"ORIAMI" is a Synthesis of Tradition and Craftsmanship

ORIAMI is thin and lightweight with the flexibility of a cloth and tension of paper, enabling freedom of folding in any shape that you may desire, just like origami paper. It is highly water and humidity resistant, and maintains its formed shape for a long period of time, which makes it perfect for a handcrafted gift to someone important.

As mentioned, Origami got its name from "folding" and "paper". The name of this product is borne from "folding" and "metal netting", Kana-ami in Japanese; therefore, "ORIAMI" was born. This is the first product of its kind in the world.

Infinite Possibilities of "ORIAMI"

ORIAMI is capable of creating various shapes and forms even beyond the possibilities of conventional origami made from paper. ORIAMI has a sophisticated sheen coupled with soft lines in addition to its profound feel. Because it maintains its shape for a long term, handcrafted ORIAMI is a great gift that everyone will be happy to receive. It would also be perfect material to host cultural classes or workshops for many persons to experience the unique quality of ORIAMI.

Flower Art

Flower is a popular origami shape. The intricately folded pedals look even more elegant from the transparent feature of the ORIAMI material.


Because ORIAMI has sophisticated sheen in addition to its soft lines much like a cloth, ORIAMI could be made into a broach, pendant, ear ring or Japanese hair pin called "Kanzashi", just to name a few of the possibilities.

Pouches and Bags

You can create your favorite pouches and bags by taking full advantage of ORIAMI’s durability and soft texture. ORIAMI is water permeable so it may be used as a swimming bag to take along to a pool or the beach.

Please enjoy Japanese history and beauty of ORIAMI.

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