What's New

2018.03.02 We acquired a patent for Woven together with diffent meterials [KANAORI] and Wire Mesh Origami [Fabric Metals ORIAMI]
In November 2017, we acquired a patent for Woven together with different materials "KANAORI," and in January 2018, we acquired one for the Wire mesh origami paper "ORIAMI."

Both ORIAMI and KANAORI are products successfully developed through a long period of trial and error.
Leveraging our expertise as a professional wire netting manufacturer, we achieved a flexible material with a substantial feel by weaving metal as thin as hair.
Although it has taken many years, we are pleased that our technological development has been recognized through the granting of a patent.

A new, dedicated website for ORIAMI and KANAORI is under development by ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING Co.,Ltd.

Wire mesh origami “ORIAMI” :  http://ishikawa- kanaami.com/kanaamiorigami/

Woven together with different materials “KANAORI” :   http://kanaori.tokyo/

Another website also is under development for use abroad, so that people around the globe can find out about ORIAMI and can view the works of cutting-edge artists.

Wire mesh origami “ORIAMI” (English site):  http://ishikawa-kanaami.com/kanaamiorigami/

We invite you to view the sites.