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2017.01.13 Ishikawa’s product ORIAMI was introduced on December 28th (Thursday) 2016 by NHK World, who is the international broadcasting service of NHK Japan’s public broadcaster, and on December 14th (Wednesday) by “great gear” on NHKBS1 program.

 “Great Gear” is NHK’s international broadcasting program, which introduces Japan's latest trends, unique ideas, and technological breakthroughs from a wide range of industries.
“Great Gear” featured Ishikawa’s latest unique wire mesh paper called, “ORIAMI, ” explaining the concept and development of the product and its manufacturing process.
The program featured Mariko Miyamoto, a well-known origami artist. She was asked to try the ORIAMI and for her opinion on the product. Initially the thought of making a "bara," a rose, using metallic mesh seemed like a difficult task for her, but after some experimenting using the ORIAMI, the results were positive, which helped create a foothold towards the continued development of the product. 
There are three types of ORIAMI: Gunmetal, Stainless steel and Pure copper. Since the three types of ORIAMI are different in weight and thickness, she recommended that we choose the type depending on the project.

Mr. Okutsu explained the technical details of our Woven Wire Cloth “ORIKANA-AMI,” and its development. The weaving process of metal wire uses three different methods. “Hiraori,” plain weave, “ayaori,” twild weave, and “hiratatamiori,” dutch weave. The major material is stainless steel, but other materials such as brass, steel and monel are also used.
The result of examining different metal materials during the initial development of the ORIAMI, it was concluded that brass was the most delicate and flexible material. Now we manufacture three kinds of ORIAMI: Brass, Stainless Steel, and Pure Copper.

This is a ORIAMI cutting machine.  This machine examines precisely whether the thickness is even or if there are no curls (bending or deflecting) which is a metal-specific characteristic.

ORIAMI is gaining popularity in foreign countries. In this picture, a French artist is working with ORIAMI. This artist highly praises the product by saying “ORIAMI will make it easy to form or shape whatever I can imagine”.

The picture below is a hand weaving machine specially designed for metal net weaving. Woven wire cloth is produced by weaving metal thinner than a human hair, sometimes as thin as 20 microns. During production, a machine stronger than a conventional manually powered machine is required.  At ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING Co.,Ltd, we modified the conventional manually-powered machine to bear in strength for metal weaving. This is the only machine existing in Japan suitable for metal weaving.

After watching the above NHK’s TV program, several customers from abroad visited our workshop.
We really hope that many people around the world will get acquainted with our product and gain knowledge about metal weaving and ORIAMI in the future through this kind of TV programs.